Headbands as Gifts: Gift Giving Guide for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and many little girls are going to receive Headbands as Gifts. Headbands are a great gift item for little girls and even for teenagers. If that’s all you need to get for the holidays that great but it’s unlikely. You probably need to get gifts for other kids, little boys, and girls in the family, teenagers, and close friends and family.

Headbands as Gifts

When buying lots of gifts, especially in this gift-giving season, it helps to have a type of rule to guide you. The rule will help you when you’re making your list and the list will help you when you go shopping. Have you ever wondered for hours in a mall and end up with a bunch of things but it still feels like you’ve bought nothing? Yes, it happens a lot and having a gift buying rule and making a list will help you ensure that you buy all the right gifts and you don’t miss anything.

You’ve probably heard of the four gift rule before. The four gift rule says when buying a gift,

Headbands as Gifts

  • You buy something they want
  • You buy something they need
  • You buy them something to wear
  • You buy them something to read

Starting with these four points as a guide, you will be well on your way. It gives room for you to come up with broad options and it also helps you narrow it down if needed. The four gift rule also helps a lot for toddlers. Giving toddler girls Headbands as Gifts it will fall under the category of either something they need or something to wear.

For older kids like teenagers, it might be better to ask them what they want. And if not, then you should do the something they want rout or depending on their interests something to wear or something to read. You can also modify the four gift rule to fit your family or fit your gift recipients. It is not a rule to be followed to the tee but instead is a guide that helps you narrow your options down

Gift Ideas for Children of Different Ages


Headbands as Gifts

Something they Want: Infants can’t really express what they want verbally but you can deduce by what they show interest in or what they grab from the shelves if they go shopping with you. SO you can get them toys of different kinds.

Something they Need: Something a toddler need should be the easiest category. Toddlers need a lot of things. You can get them some nice household items, clothes, new beddings, and care items etc. If you want to take it further, you can open up a bank account for them or a trust fund that they can use when they grow older.

Something to Wear: For something to wear, you can get infants clothes, a nice shoe for the holidays or a nice set of holiday-inspired pajamas. You can also get them a bunch of new clothes for the coming year.

Something to Read: It’s never too early to instill the habits of reading into children. For something to read you can get picture books for them and books with short stories so you can read to them at bedtime. You can also get bathtime books that they can play within the bathtub.


Headbands as Gifts

Something they Want: Toddlers have a little more self-consciousness of what they want and this is the age where they want everything. For this category, you could get them toys, video games or whatever they want within reason.

Something the Need: They could need many things especially if you are in a winter season. You could get them new gloves, a new hat, new snow coats or something they could use for the holiday season.

Something to Wear: If your toddler has started to show an interest in fashion, you could get them a fashionable peice or an expensive leather shoe that the can use during the year.

Something to Read: This is a time to further cultivate their interest in books. You can get toddlers books with more words and have them even choose out what books they want. You can read the books to them at bedtime or have them read it and tell you what the book is about.


Headbands as Gifts

Something the Want: For kids in this age range (between 8 to 12) they can be quite demanding and they would know exactly what they want. This can make your work easier and you can get them what they ask for on their list. It could be a bike or a new video game.

Something they Need: For this age, something they need could be something to help them in this developmental stage. Like a new pair of football cleats or a new musical instrument if they have been taking music classes all year.

Something to Wear: This could be a new pair of sneakers a new dress, accessories like headbands and belts or a new backpack that they are sure to love.

Something to Read: This might be your chance to introduce your kids too young adult novels and have them start to love reading more. You can get them a book series like the Hunger Games Book series, The Maze series, the Divergent Series, To all the Boys I’ve Loved, the Harry Porter Series etc.